Chicken Tortilla Soup

In this unpredictable Houston weather it's hard to get into the spirit for Christmas anymore because it's just not as cold as we hope. Even though, as a native Texan I complain when the temperature is anywhere under 60 degrees, but none of that is an excuse to not be able to enjoy my delicious… Continue reading Chicken Tortilla Soup


Chicken Fajita Tacos

Eating anything other than Tacos on a Tuesday is just prohibited! So, I hope I can help you make some delicious Homemade Chicken Fajita Tacos for your next “Taco Tuesday” dinner Now when it comes to dicing up your chicken you can either go with a chicken breast or you can go with a chicken… Continue reading Chicken Fajita Tacos


Ingredients: -Tequila (silver) -Republic grapefruit lime mixer -Jarrito’s grapefruit soda -Ice -Lime juice & Tajin (rim) -Grapefruit slice (garnish)   Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Now we all know America has over exaggerated this so called holiday, but who doesn't love another reason to have a delicious Paloma? Hiding in the Margaritas shadows, Paloma is another… Continue reading Paloma